[Twisted-Python] Twisted and Zope3 components systems

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Apr 3 20:28:29 EST 2004

Michal Pasternak wrote:
> Christopher Armstrong [Sat, Apr 03, 2004 at 05:19:11PM -0500]:
>>made at PyCon was that Twisted would switch to Zope3's component system 
>>(with backwards compatibility). Their system seems very hookable and 
>>it'll provide everything we need.
> Thanks for pointing that out - but as I don't know Zope components, what are
> the pros? Could you elaborate on it, of course except the obvious ones
> (compatibility)?

Compatibility isn't even a main concern, thought it might be useful. 
Personally, I want it so we don't have to worry about developing and 
maintaining our own buggy, incomplete components system. Zope has most 
of the features our system has and more. The features it doesn't have 
(namely Componentized) are easily implemented with it.

Some of the things it does are string registration of adapters (although 
nevow's fork does has this implemented), and __class_implements__, so 
you can say that a *class* implements an interface without resorting to 
subtle metaclass hacks (this would be useful for serialization adapters: 
An instance can implement ISerializable, but the only place to put an 
IUnserializable would be on a class).

I'm sure there are more. Maybe others can chime in.

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