[Twisted-Python] nevow debugging

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 2 11:27:13 EST 2004


I tried to contact the twisted-web list, but it seems to be having some
issues right now... I hope it is ok to ask here.

Does anyone have an example using nevow in conjunction with other
web service types? I really like the simplicity of "mktap web --path foo"
but my understanding is that twisted web development is going to
be nevow based.

Can these two things work together?

Is there a way to serve nevow pages from a .rpy?

I am looking for a way to debug that does not require restarting the
server every time I change the nevow .tac file.  (like how I can use
import mymod
in the .rpy while I am testing).

I hope this makes sense. I would probably just go with something
very simple, but I need to password protect some of the pages and
that seems to indicate using nevow.guard

Thank you for your time.

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