[Twisted-Python] Scalability of an rss-aggregator

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone dialtone at aruba.it
Fri Apr 2 07:24:33 EST 2004

Andrew Bennetts wrote:

>>665 666 667 670 671 675 676 677 678 681 683 684 687 715 725], [], [], NULL
>>Here it lock, but now, since I'm using strace, it won't restart after 
>>As I said before... The download of _ALL_ feeds has already finished 
>>when twisted locks,
>But then why is there still a huge number of file descriptors in the select
>call?  Something is definitely very odd... :/
well, I think that's because there are more deferreds to be called or 
because even if the page has
been downloaded the reactor was busy with other feeds and not checking 
the select, I think...

I'm not that expert in twisted's internals, as you probably are.

thx for your help, I hope to solve this problem...

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone
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