[Twisted-Python] Re: serving dynamic on root and still serve static somehow

ccom at gmx.net ccom at gmx.net
Mon Sep 29 13:24:15 EDT 2003

Yeah, I noticed that when I set isLeaf = False in my root node my child
nodes will get processed. At the same time my root will then serve a 404-No Such
Resource, though.  Serving static files on root and dynamic ones as child
nodes was easy but how do I do it the other way round--dynamic on root and
static files on a child node?

>> The general question propably is: How can I  serve my main web app on
>> root but still be able to serve flat files such as images and style
>>     isLeaf = True    
>That's the line that's causing your grief.
>If you set isLeaf on any resource, twisted.web won't look at its


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