[Twisted-Python] ANN: CVSToys 1.0.9 (for Twisted 1.0.7)

Kevin Turner kevin.m.turner at pobox.com
Thu Sep 18 03:18:45 EDT 2003


It is my pleasure to inform you that CVSToys 1.0.9 has been released. 
That means you can finally get rid of all those DeprecationWarnings
which fill your screen every time you commit, if you've upgraded your
Twisted version past 1.0.6.

Things are changing in PBService -- in particular, there may no longer
be more than one Service (or a Service and a Manhole) on a single port. 
This may break things for some of you, but it also may have the pleasant
side-effect of it may fixing that long-standing bug with freshcvs
crapping out if it fails to grab the default pb port on start-up.  

Unfortunately I can't guarantee that .tap files with PBServices or
manholes in them will still work, you may have to re-mktap them.  And
you can expect more changes around PBService when Twisted 1.0.8 comes
out, as we migrate to newcred.

(Just tuning in?  CVSToys contains Fresh CVS, a CVS commit monitoring
daemon which can deliver commit messages over a variety of protocols
(e-mail, chat, web, etc.) and automate other tasks, such as back-up or

You can find CVSToys at http://purl.net/net/CVSToys
A big thanks to Divmod (www.divmod.com) for sponsoring our web hosting,
and tummy.com for the CVS server.

Share and enjoy,

 - Kevin

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