[Twisted-Python] notifyOnDisconnect

Ruslan Spivak alienoid at is.lg.ua
Fri Sep 5 05:20:20 EDT 2003


I have server and a lot of clients, that connects to server and pass 
their pb.Referenceable. Every 2 minutes server calls clients' remote 
method. I store clients' references on server in a list of dictionaries 
- [{'remoteRef' : ref, 'ip' : '', 'mac' : '...'}, ....] I 
call notifyOnDisconnect on clients' remoteRef. In callback i need to 
close client's firewall. How can i pass 'ip', 'mac' from dictionary to 
callback if notifyOnDisconnect passes only one parameter(this instance) 
to callback method. Help, please

Thanks in advance
Best regards,

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