[Twisted-Python] A little newbie help, please?

Kevin Unger kunger at intersight.com
Fri Oct 31 00:21:02 EST 2003

I'm getting this error message in my woven app:

	Node had a mode=imageSizeList attribute, but hte submodel was not
	found in [<twisted.web.woven.model.StringModel instance at 0x730030:
	wrapped data: /Users/kunger/........blah>]

My template looks like this:

         <span model="imageSizeList" view="List">
             <tr bgcolor="#FFFFF" align="center" pattern="listItem">
                 <td model="0" view="Text"></td>
                 <td model="1" view="Text"></td>
                 <td model="3" view="Text"></td>

My Page subclass that renders this template has a model factory:

     def wmfactory_imageSizeList(self, request):

This never gets executed, but the page is being instanced and obviously 
the template is being traversed.

This page has a parent page that follows the same pattern -- similar 
kind of list in the template and model factory, and that page works 
fine.  That page retuns this page like so:

     def wchild_image_sizes(self, request):
         return ImageSizeConfigurator(self.root)

Why isn't my model factory being called?

Thank muchly in advance,


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