[Twisted-Python] twisted.web and MySQLdb

Moshe Zadka twisted at zadka.site.co.il
Wed Oct 29 07:25:26 EST 2003

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Nathan Seven <scosol at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hmmmm I would qualify that- I dont think the
> filesystem is the place to be handling dynamic data. 

Why? It has been used for dynamic data for ages.
What makes a database better for that?

> Databases were created *specifically* for this
> purpose.

We have always been at war with euroasia.

> locking and concurrency?

Are not an issue when using twisted.web idiomatically.

> Yeah- through my line of work I deal with a *lot* of
> different infrastructures.  Everything from "Joe's BBQ
> Sauce Garage" to Amazon.

I'm willing to bet that they all run on systems which contain
filesystems :)

> Speaking of- I know we're kinda tied to Python, but
> what are the thoughts about using any of the OS's
> provided event-driven polls? (epoll,kqueue) 

We have a kqueue proof of concept, but it's fairly buggy.
Fixes from people who run FreeBSD would be more than welcome!
Twisted uses the reactor as an abstract inteface especially so you
could use any event-driver you want. We tie into select, poll, gtk2
and Mac OS's CF stuff. More reactor implementations would be welcome,
and it is fairly easy to run the test suite with a new reactor
if you want to see how buggy it is.

Modules like ctypes and frameworks like pyrex are easily used to
write interfaces to all kinds of OS-specific stuff.

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