[Twisted-Python] twisted.web and MySQLdb

Nathan Seven scosol at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 29 02:34:37 EST 2003

--- Moshe Zadka <m at zadka.site.co.il> wrote:
> In Linux, and most other Unices,
> file locking has
> been a thorny issue. So instead of putting data in
> files, where the
> subtle semantics of locking and concurrency should
> be dealt with,
> data tends to end up in the database. That means
> *all* data. Sessions.
> Temporary "show this message when the user finished
> his redirect loop".

Hmmmm I would qualify that- I dont think the
filesystem is the place to be handling dynamic data. 
Databases were created *specifically* for this
purpose.  Sure, storing all your static blobs in your
database is a really quick way to grind shit to a
halt, but locking and concurrency?
If you're doing things properly, and your http server
is just serving static objects, then these are

> Etc. etc. Once all the data is in MySQL, which is
> the easiest database to
> set up, it becomes natural for the average page to
> be a "glorified select".
> PHP was designed for this exact scenario: take a
> select table and spruce
> it up with HTML.

Yeah- through my line of work I deal with a *lot* of
different infrastructures.  Everything from "Joe's BBQ
Sauce Garage" to Amazon.  Literally the only
organization I can think of that can keep anything
coherent with MySQL is Livejournal- and then I believe
only because Brad seems to be a cache-god with
memcached and such.

Speaking of- I know we're kinda tied to Python, but
what are the thoughts about using any of the OS's
provided event-driven polls? (epoll,kqueue) 
I'm guessing these are essentially untouchable without
Python mods.

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_born to violate._

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