[Twisted-Python] twisted.web and MySQLdb

Donovan Preston dp at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Oct 28 18:26:44 EST 2003

On Oct 28, 2003, at 6:10 PM, Nathan Seven wrote:

> --- phil at bubblehouse.org wrote:
>> I'm using MySQLdb to interface with my sql server,
>> but i'm not really sure
>> what to do with my connection object once it's
>> created. i want to put it
>> somewhere that will be easy to access for the rest
>> of the modules, but
>> obviously i don't want it to be persisted when the
>> TAP is saved....
> .
> Hmmm- well I'm just getting started here as well- but
> yeah, I don't remember any mentioned way of
> selectively removing state information for objects.
> I don't like the whole state-saving stuff at all- I'm
> doing atomic DB stuff, so my "state" above all is
> maintained on the DB itself.
> The Twisted clients are just basically dumb
> transaction handlers.

This is the way you should be doing it -- the only state in
the tap should be configuration information about
what services live on what ports, what directory
the web server looks at, etc.

>> but i
>> don't know how to make it so the connection object
>> isn't persisted, but
>> created new each time the server is started...
> Hmmm- would a simple solution be to simply
> re-initialize the connection(s) upon any restart?
> (can a restart even be detected with .app?)

Since the tap is just a pickle, the easiest way to
prevent certain objects from getting persisted is to
implement a __getstate__ and __setstate__ for
your class. See the python documentation for


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