[Twisted-Python] twisted.web and MySQLdb

phil at bubblehouse.org phil at bubblehouse.org
Tue Oct 28 17:38:03 EST 2003

so i probably should have subscribed to this list months (years?) ago, but
only now am i getting up to speed on the twisted craziness...

anyways, i'm toying with twisted.web, and i'm working on making a web
application. i'm also using the TAP interfaces to take care of run-time
options, etc....

I'm using MySQLdb to interface with my sql server, but i'm not really sure
what to do with my connection object once it's created. i want to put it
somewhere that will be easy to access for the rest of the modules, but
obviously i don't want it to be persisted when the TAP is saved....

i guess a lot of my problem is that i'm still trying to figure out some of
the structure when working with the framework...

i want to use the command-line options to specify a user/passwd for the
database. i guess this means i want to create my connection instance in
the updateApplication method, since it has a options reference, but i
don't know how to make it so the connection object isn't persisted, but
created new each time the server is started....

any help would be appreciated....


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