[Twisted-Python] MSN refactor

Sam Jordan sam at psychlaw.com.au
Tue Oct 28 23:53:51 EST 2003


As of October 15 Microsoft has stopped supporting clients wishing
to connect to the MSN chat service using a protocol version which
is less than MSNP8.

The current supported version in Twisted is MSNP7 and while most
of the protocol is still the same, it will (obviously) not work.

However, any current or potential users of the twisted msn client
support should not despair, I am currently right in the middle of
exams for the next two weeks but afterwards I will try to get
the client support up to at least MSNP8 and possibly features of
MSNP9, this is of course if glyph is ok with this; I am not a
lawyer and thus have no idea about the relevant legal ramifications
of providing support for this 'proprietary' protocol. Logically I
would assume that any legal problems would result from _using_ the
service as opposed to just providing support for it, but, as stated
I have no legal basis for this assumption and given recent legal
debacles in the U.S. I am hesitant in even holding such an opinion.

So, asside from any "please do not put me in jail" signs from glyph
I will try and address the refactoring as soon as time allows with
(hopefully) as little change to the interface as possible, although
it _is_ clearly marked as unstable.

I just thought I should let everyone know incase people were
having issues with it not working.


Sam Jordan

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