[Twisted-Python] Telnet Client as Line Receiver?

Mark Evans v6kk1hg02 at sneakemail.com
Mon Oct 27 12:41:10 EST 2003

I need advice on telnet.  What is the current recommended best
practice for writing a telnet client?

According to the documentation on Class LineReceiver, it is
"A protocol that receives lines and/or raw data, depending on mode."

This statement pretty much covers telnet, which is basically
line-oriented terminal stuff (actually older than the internet itself).
Yet the current 1.1.0 telnet code seems weirdly scattered across TM:

* There is no class relationship to LineReceiver.
* There exists a telnet server class ("Shell") but no symmetric
  telnet client class exists anywhere.  Other TM protocols offer both.
* Some of the telnet code is stuck in the (deprecated?) manhole modules.

For testing only I got the Shell subclass working, but my real need is
a telnet client that can talk to embedded devices over Ethernet.

Advice? Should I multiply inherit from LineReceiver and Telnet?
Should I subclass Shell and pervert its server functionality into
client functionality?

Since I have to do this work anyway, I would be willing to help with
any necessary changes to the Twisted library.  Tell me what needs doing,
and I will do it, to the extent that it overlaps with my work requirements.
The telnet code looks like it's in transition or maybe stale.

Telnet spec reference,

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