[Twisted-Python] High Level Implementation Question

Nathan Seven scosol at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 23 15:28:44 EDT 2003

--- Moshe Zadka <m at zadka.site.co.il> wrote:
> > > And then- why am I "supposed" to use
> twisted.app?
> twisted.application is a way to
> *separate configuration from deployment*. It
> represents a layer of indirection
> between your code (so-called business logic) and
> between the running, with
> all the traditional costs and benefits of such
> indirection.

Hmmm- yes I suppose for ease of transportation to
other systems/OSes it makes sense-

> I strongly suggest reading the tutorial [in CVS] --
> it starts out using
> reactor.run(), and eventually progresses to use
> application.

Hmmm- so there are updated docs in CVS?
I'll check them out-

Speaking of- just as commentary from someone totally
new to twisted-
There's a lot of documentation on the site- almost all
of my questions have been answered by looking through
But- I must say that it is really lacking in
organization- there are very important points in
certain spots that seem like they are just anecdotally
added to the previous paragraph.  Many times I have
wanted to refer back to some document so find some
point, and I have been entirely unable to find the
right one.
(like when I was deciphering exactly what the rpy
files were supposed to be used for)
There are no less than 4 seperate places where rpys
are discussed- and only by reading *all 4* of them do
you understand.
Anyway- most of you are probably all aware of that,
but just thought I'd mention it (as someone coming in
fresh) :)

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_born to violate._

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