[Twisted-Python] Weird thread count

soso duke99 at email.ro
Wed Oct 22 16:29:38 EDT 2003

Hello all, 

The following client code creates 3 threads on startup, even if there is no 
server to connect to. And I have no clue why. I'm running on Win2k and that's 
what taskmanager says. Any ideas?

from twisted.internet.protocol import Protocol, ClientFactory
from twisted.internet import reactor

class CommProtocol(Protocol):
    def connectionMade(self):
        print 'Connected'
        self.transport.write("Hello there...")
    def connectionLost(self, reason):
        print 'Connection lost: ', reason
    def dataReceived(self, data):
        print 'Data received: ', str(data)
class CommFactory(ClientFactory):
    protocol = CommProtocol
    def clientConnectionFailed(self, connector, reason):
        print "Failed to connect: ", reason
host = 'localhost'
port = 8000

reactor.connectTCP(host, port, CommFactory())


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