[Twisted-Python] HTTP Client - HOW TO?

Matteo Giacomazzi matteo.giacomazzi at libero.it
Wed Oct 22 04:43:49 EDT 2003

Hi Andrew,

>>   Any help will be greatly appreciated!

> It's hardly a proper how-to, but hopefully this will help:

>     http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/examples/getpage.py

I  was  looking  at  the  twisted/web/client.py  as  per suggestion of
Moshez,  via  IRC,  and  in  fact  I'm  going  to  understand  how the
HTTPClient class works.

Looking  at the code of getPage, it seems that I can pass a parameter,
called  `postdata',  and  it will use the content of that parameter to
send the POST payload - am I right?

Many thanks!


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