[Twisted-Python] Web server persistance

Alexander Zhukov alex at veresk.ru
Wed Oct 8 19:48:03 EDT 2003

В сообщении от 6 Октябрь 2003 23:20 Ted Patrick написал(a):
> I have a project using Twisted as an http server.
> What is the best way to persistent server data across server start/stop?
> Example:
> While the server is running, a user will add virtual directories via a .rpy
> application as follows:
> root.putChild(name, path)
> Ideally modifications to the server configuration would persist across
> server start/stop. I would also like a generic format to store data related
> to a particular leaf of an application as follows:
> //url  http://mytwisted/dog/cat/document.txt
> //data pertaining to this url could be added at
> root.dog.cat.document.txt = 33
> This data would also be persistent.

The simplest way is to use registry. There are some examples in 

Or you can use Cog - an object database written in python if you need advanced 
persistence options. http://www.itamarst.org/software/cog/
For an example you can have a look at StikiWiki code 

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