[Twisted-Python] Woven unicode

Rita Díaz y/o Rodrigo Benenson rdrb at 123.cl
Mon Oct 6 19:29:55 EDT 2003


I'm working on the final phases of a Open Source software for collaborative
text edition in real time (LeoN) (alpha or beta release will be anounced in
this list too). The code is develloped using python + twisted (PB and

One of the features is that the actual contents of the text nodes can be
seen via web.
My problem is that I cannot show accent in woven. I have tryed different
things but non seems to work.

Please help !

Actually I have a simple data model interface that has a method that return
some text

 def wmfactory_text(self, request):
    return self.original.get_text()

So for test purpose I had changed the method by

 def wmfactory_text(self, request):
    return u"eló"

What I have to do to get the string looking good on the web browser?

I have tryed using a meta tag to indicate iso-8859-1 coding and replaced
u"eló" by u"eló".encode("iso-8859-1"); but that does not work too.

I have a presentation in two days more and this is the only ugly point.

Thanks in advance.


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