[Twisted-Python] smtp.SMTP help

Greg greg at digitalinfo.net
Fri Oct 3 07:45:00 EDT 2003

Thanks! In order to help others like me who were struggling with this, 
here's the working code. Please let me know if I did anything 
egregiously stupid here.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Simple SMTP server shell

from twisted.internet import reactor, protocol, defer
from twisted.protocols import smtp

class MyMessage:
    __implements__ = (smtp.IMessage)
    def __init__(self):
        self.msg = []

    def lineReceived(self, line):

    def eomReceived(self):
        # Handle message here
        for line in self.msg:
            print line
        self.msg = []
        return defer.succeed('<Whatever>')
class MyMessageDelivery:
    __implements__ = (smtp.IMessageDelivery)
    def validateFrom(self, helo, origin):
        return origin
    def validateTo(self, user):
        return MyMessage
    def receivedHeader(self, helo, origin, recipients):
        return None

class MySMTPFactory(smtp.SMTPFactory):
    def buildProtocol(self, addr):
        p = self.protocol(MyMessageDelivery())
        p.factory = self
        p.portal = self.portal
        p.host = "somedomain.com"
        return p   
factory = MySMTPFactory()
factory.protocol = smtp.SMTP
reactor.listenTCP(25, factory)

Anders Hammarquist wrote:

>Hi Greg!
>In a message of Wed, 01 Oct 2003 17:20:17 EDT, Greg writes:
>>Working on an SMTP filter (consisting of an SMTP server that receives 
>>messages, some code that mangles them, then and SMTP client that forwards 
>>them along). The first step is to get a functioning SMTP server working, and 
>>I'm having some trouble with SMTPFactory / SMTP. I've overloaded the validate 
>>methods in an attempt accept emails to and from any domain, but I can't 
>>figure out how to hook in a class that implements IMessageDelivery:
>There are several problems with your code, but to my eye it looks like
>confusion between several methods of using the SMTP class. Until recently,
>the IMessageDelivery method didn't exists, and you needed to override
>SMTP to implement validateTo and validateFrom. Now, you can instead pass
>an IMessageDelivery to SMTP, either directly or using the authenticator
>(and if you do, you shouldn't need to subclass SMTP - and if your twisted
>is recent enough, you have to use the IMessageDelivery method).
>You do need to make your own factory though, since the one that's there
>doesn't deal with IMessageDelivery()s yet. Something like
>class MySMTPFactory(SMTPFactory):
>	def buildProtocol(self, addr):
>		p = self.protocol(MyMessageDelivery())
>		p.factory = self
>		p.portal = self.portal
>		p.host = self.domain
>		return p
>>class MySMTPProtocol(SMTP):
>>	def validateTo(self, user):
>>		d = defer.Deferred()
>>		reactor.callLater(0, self.fakeSucceed())
>>		return d
>You don't need this code, but I still want to point out that it doesn't
>do anything useful, and is overcomplicated. 
>First, validateTo may return an IMessage or a deferred returning an
>IMessage, so you don't need the deferred, you can just return you
>IMessage directly. Secondly the deferred is never called, so it will
>never return, and thus your SMTP server stops here.
>reactor.callLater() just calls another function asynchrously and discards
>the result. If you want to pass back a result from a callLater, you need
>to pass along the deferred and call it in the function you callLater()ed.
>>class MyIMessage:
>>	__implements__ = (smtp.IMessageDelivery)
>You seem to have mixed up IMessage and IMessageDelivery. You need both.
>Your IMessageDelivery.validateTo() should return an IMessage (or a deferred
>returning an IMessage).
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