[Twisted-Python] Informal poll, and Resolution of earlier post Fw: help please: trouble installing twisted python on Windows 2000 Pro, but not Windows XP Pro

John Benson jsbenson at bensonsystems.com
Mon Nov 24 17:36:42 EST 2003

Hi, I'm answering my own post for the benefit if future newbies:

I was having an awful time installing twisted on a W2K Professional machine.
In desperation, I uninstalled all the Python things (Python 2.3 and
Pythonwin), reinstalled Python 2.3, installed Twisted, and then Pythonwin
and all the installations seemed to go OK. Plus I rebooted in between the
installations because I didn't have a rubber chicken handy to wave over the

Not much of a technical note, but there it is.

Informal poll: How many of you out there have ever indulged a taste for
totemic decoration and/or fetishistic rituals in connection with debugging?

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From: John Benson
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Subject: help please: trouble installing twisted python on Windows 2000 Pro,
but not Windows XP Pro

Hi, I just installed twisted python on my Windows XP laptop which has Python

I went to install it on Windows 2000 Professional version 5.00.2195 Service
Pack 4 running Python 2.3 and got the following dialog box diagnostic:
"Setup: CreateFile failed; code 5. Access is denied." I've been able to
install piles of stuff on this system before, so I figure I have the
required administrative privileges. I logon to a Windows domain, and my ID
is in the Administrators group of the domain. There is a separate
Administrator logon local to the machine which I haven't used, and probably
can't get the password for, since this is a managed PC within the domain.

Here are my questions:

1) What does the "code 5" failure mean?

2) What am I doing wrong?

3) Can I just move the twisted site-package folders over from my XP system
Python 2.3 folder to the corresponding Windows 2000 Pro folder? I'm mostly
interested in just importing the twisted modules and prototyping; I can do
without the icons and start menu entries.

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