[Twisted-Python] trouble building Quotient

rddda obowah at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 24 16:59:27 EST 2003

trying to build Quotient-0.7.0 with Twisted-4.1.6 on OpenBSD with Berkeley DB (bsddb3-).
made change to atop/store.py to use bsddb3:
from bsddb3.db import *
i get this error:
    obj = self._loadItemByPath(ctxstore, *path)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.3/site-packages/atop/store.py", line 386, in _loadItemByPath
    raise KeyError(path)
KeyError: (0, 0)

this is the code at that point:
def _loadItemByPath(self, ctxstore, *path):
        Retrieve an item given a sequence of integers.
        stringKey = self._formatIDPath(path)
        print "str=%s"%stringKey;   #debugging...
        stringValue = self.db.get(stringKey, txn=context.get('txn'))
        if stringValue is None:
            raise KeyError(path)
so stringValue is 'None'.
stringKey is shown by the print to be: id00000000000000000000
any hints <where to look>/<what to try>?

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