[Twisted-Python] (Woven question)-->wchild_Xxx() called twice per hit

Kevin Unger kunger at intersight.com
Wed Nov 19 17:51:58 EST 2003

I have a two-screen mini test application.  Each screen has a page.Page 
subclass and a template associated with the page.Page.   Let's call 
them welcomePage and nextPage.  welcomePage.html has a form whose 
action is "nextPage."  WelcomePage has a wchild_nextPage() method which 
returns an instance of NextPage.

When welcomePage's form is submitted, WelcomePage's wchild_nextPage() 
gets called twice.  The first time it gets called with the expected 
request args, the second time the request args dictionary is empty.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but what?


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