[Twisted-Python] looking for twisted Tkinter documentation

John Benson jsbenson at bensonsystems.com
Wed Nov 19 14:03:21 EST 2003

Hi, I found the following at

The support for Tkinter doesn't use a specialized reactor. Instead, there is
some specialized support code:
from Tkinter import *
from twisted.internet import tksupport

root = Tk()

# Install the Reactor support

An example Twisted application that uses Tk can be found in

But I didn't find it in either the twisted or TwistedDocs directories in my
Python 2.3 site-packages directory. The copyright,.py on my twisted
installation shows twisted version 1.1.0.

I also had a look at the examples index in
http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/examples/#auto8 and found links to uses
of qt, wx, gtk2 and curses, but nothing about Tkinter.

Having loaded up on Tkinter books on the strength of the assertion that
Tkinter is the standard, most cross-platform GUI for Python, I'm
understandably anxious to use it with twisted. I'm writing a socket server
that needs to both respond to incoming client requests and occasionally send
unsolicited messages to the client based on Tkinter button presses and timer

I was originally going use some lower-level Python modules, but I was
intrigued by the stylistic and software engineering claims of twisted,
especially the use of aspect-oriented programming as a tool for managing
unrelated complexities, so I'm going to try to dive into twisted a little
deeper before giving up and heading back to the shallow end of the pool.
Thanks in advance for any information that will help me integrate Tkinter
with twisted.

P.S. I found the itamarst.org tutorials (formidavel!) and am working my way
through them.

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