[Twisted-Python] UNIXServer and its socket

Matteo Giacomazzi matteo.giacomazzi at email.it
Tue Nov 18 06:36:19 EST 2003

>> In  my  application  I have a server that listens on a UNIX socket.
>> When  I  kill  the  application,  the  socket  file  remains in the
>> filesystem  so  when  I  restart  it  I  always achieve an "Address
>> already in use" error.

> I'm guessing you're using 1.1?


> It's fixed in CVS, so when there is a new release, it will be fixed.
> I'm not sure what your best course of action, though:
> * Live with it, and wait for new release
> * Move to CVS, wait for new release to move back to released version
> * Implement some work around, wait for new release to remove it

I will take option number 1.
If I'm not wrong, in version 1.0.7 this error didn't appear.

> I'm  sorry there aren't better news than "it was a bug, we fixed it"
> --  twisted.application  is  quite a bit of code, and testing in the
> field  frequently finds more bugs. You can rest assured that the bug
> was  not merely fixed, but a unit test added to make sure it doesn't
> come back.

That's good, thank you: I will wait for next release.


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