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robert robert at redcor.ch
Sat Nov 15 02:54:30 EST 2003

thanks for your info and efforts.

I am currently working on a Project using Plone 2.0 for which I need a visual 
Since the project is due by the end of the year, I need to use a solution that 
is available by then. 
My question therefore is:what is the state of the plone integration?
Is there something I could use to start with?

I would very much like to help beta testing, but it must be in an Plone 


Am Freitag, 14. November 2003 16:27 schrieb Philipp von Weitershausen:
> The epoz project is pleased to announce the first beta version of its
> cross-browser visual HTML editor!
> Originally written by Maik Jablonski, the editor famous in the world of
> Zope and Plone was completely redesigned by Paul Everitt (Zope Europe
> Association) and Guido Wesdorp (Infrae) and Philipp von Weitershausen
> (philiKON Valley). The result is a very flexible editing machine based
> on the following concepts:
>    - Integration
>      epoz was designed to be highly integrable into target products. It
>      uses Zope Page Templates (ZPT) for the XHTML templating. ZPTs hide
>      templating instructions in XML namespaces. That way, all XHTML
>      templates in epoz remain valid XHTML documents and should be able
>      to be used in similar templating systems without modification.
>      That also means, epoz can directly be used off of the filesystem
>      or served by Apache, without any templating engine.
>    - Document-centric and asynchronous editing
>      Other in-browser editors simply provide a replacement for the
>      textarea element in XHTML forms. epoz instead focuses on
>      document-centric editing. It lets you edit the contents of an
>      XHTML document and dublin core metadata (Title, Creator etc.) in a
>      compact and standard-conformant way. Upon save, epoz constructs a
>      full-fledged XHTML document again and invokes a PUT request to the
>      server. Being a standard HTTP command, PUT requests can be served
>      by nearly any webserver, even Apache (with mod_dav)!
>    - Customization and extensibility
>      The looks of epoz can be modified without having to modify the
>      XHTML templates by simply customizing the Cascading Style
>      Sheets. Its JavaScript architecture has been modelled after the
>      MVC concept. That means you may customize large or small parts of
>      the editor without having to reimplement or subclass anything, but
>      it also means extending epoz's functionality is just as easy.
> Where can I get it?
>    You may download a tarball at the the epoz project homepage at
>    Sourceforge:
>      http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=84377
> How can I use it?
>    epoz comes with a great deal of documentation already. The
>    INSTALL.txt file in the 'doc' directory should provide a small set
>    of introductions for Zope users.
>    If you would like to see epoz in action without having to install it
>    in Zope, you may either download the tarball and open
>    'common/epozmacros.html' in your browser or visit the following URL
>    (served by Apache, btw):
>      http://www.philikon.de/files/epoz/common/epozmacros.html
>    If you happen to succeed at integrating epoz into your favourite web
>    application server, feel free to contact us if you would like to
>    contribute your code to the project. Equally, any documentation
>    about how to integrate, customize or extend are very welcome.
> What to expect for future releases
>    - Link and image toolbox:
>      The original Epoz editor provided a toolbox for Plone users that
>      was loaded in a browser pop-up window. Since epoz 1.0 puts a lot
>      of focus on document-centric editing, it places toolbox elements
>      such as a link or image browser and table creator right on the
>      edit page. Results for link and image searching will be loaded
>      asynchronously in a yet-to-defined XML format.
>      In upcoming releases, we will provide asynronous server-side
>      methods for link and image searching in Zope2, CMF, Plone and
>      Zope3.
>    - Plone integration:
>      Although we have made an effort to integrate it with Plone
>      1.0/2.0, we have seen that current versions of Plone does not
>      allow an editor to take over for document-centric editing. Philipp
>      has made a Plone Improvement Proposal (PLIP) to provide a visual
>      editing architecture in Plone
>      (http://plone.org/development/current/projects/PLIP5). The
>      proposal has been accepted by the community and Philipp is
>      currently implementing. It is expected that Plone 2.1 will be
>      ready to be plugged together with upcoming versions of epoz.
> How to report bugs?
>    Please help us make epoz 1.0 bugfree and report bugs you encounter
>    at:
>      http://codespeak.net/issues/epoz/ (mind the trailing slash)
>    Further questions? Write us to:
>      epoz-development at lists.sourceforge.net
> We are looking forward to your comments.
> On behalf of the epoz project,
> Philipp von Weitershausen
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mit freundlichen Grüssen

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