[Twisted-Python] Documentation Question

Steven Bauer bauer at mit.edu
Fri Nov 14 10:04:47 EST 2003

Moshe Zadka [twisted at zadka.site.co.il] wrote:
>Did you try using help(internet.UDPServer) from the interactive interpreter?
>Here's what I got:
>class UDPServer(_AbstractServer)
> |  Serve UDP clients
> |
> |  Call listenUDP when the service starts, with the
> |  arguments given to the constructor. When the service stops,
> |  stop listening.
>I checked in a fix to make it say "reactor.listenUDP" -- I guess it was
>just a blindspot of me, I knew what listenUDP means :)
>Anyway, this should not have required any "looking at the code".
>Hopefully with my fix you'll be able to know you should do
>help(reactor.listenUDP) to get the information you're after:

(I am replying off list so that I don't have to wait for moderator approval.)

Thanks for your helpful reply.  I had looked at the web documentation
and interactive help however I evidently have a blind spot for the very
first sentence. :)  I repeatedly skimmed down to the function I am interested
in and saw:

__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)

Not being able to find out what these arguments were *right there* in the
documentation I immediately just checked the code.  This didn't take
long at all of course just annoying.  I then ran into the same issue
with one of the other server classes and figured I must be missing
something.  Turns out I was evidently literally missing something 
in the documentation.  :)

So far though Twisted is a great system.  Thanks for your work and


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