[Twisted-Python] Forum vs. mailing list

Richard Livsey R.Livsey at cache-22.co.uk
Thu Nov 13 19:00:42 EST 2003

Hegedus, Matthew S wrote:

>Philippe Lafoucrière mentions his favoring of a forum over a mailing list. A
>forum sounds much better to me. Topics can be nicely separated, past
>knowledge can be easily searched, and email inboxes can be freed from much
>clutter (or at least make room for spam). Is it not too late to implement a
The problem with a forum is that you have to physically go and look to 
see if anything has been posted.
I like forums and have been involved in a number over the years, however 
once the workload increases I tend to find it harder and harder to find 
time to visit and eventually stop visiting altogether. My mail however, 
I always read as it's there *in your face* so to speak.
I'm lazy like that :o)

To address your main points:

- Topics can be nicely seperated
Thats what threading is for, if your mail client does not support it 
then there are many out there that do (I use Thunderbird).

- Past knowledge can be easily searched.
I can easily search through the emails I have from the past, plus 
there's always the archive (URL given in a previous post).

- Email inboxes can be freed from much clutter
Ok, I'll give you that one - although I don't class it as clutter! A 
bunch of mail filters and a handy mbox archiving
script (written in python I might add) keep my system nice and tidy :o)

/me goes back to lurking

Incutio Web Developer

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