[Twisted-Python] LivePage CACHING Problem

Justin Johnson justinjohnson at fastmail.fm
Thu Nov 13 11:38:59 EST 2003


I am currently trying to use LivePage to update the cells of an html
table with results from processes initiated in various PB services.  The
client intiates requests in the services and those services call back
into the client's (a pb.Referenceable) remote_updateStatus method to
update the table which displays the results.  I have test code that
simulates this and everything works fine.  Javascript is sent to the
browser to update the cells of the table.  Works really slick.  However,
now that I tried to hook it up to PB, the LivePage javascript sending
part isn't working.  When I make the page.sendScript(script) call I get
the following in the log.

2003/11/13 10:25 CST [Broker,client] Sending javascript to page
<twisted.web.woven.utils.WovenLivePage instance at 0x4089944c>
2003/11/13 10:25 CST [Broker,client] CACHING
[<twisted.web.woven.utils.Script instance at 0x4089906c>]

All future sendScript calls append the script to the cache.  Everything
else is working appropriately, and all code is executing as I'd expect,
except that the javascript doesn't send properly.  Is there something in
particular I should be looking for here?  I don't see what I'm doing
different, but since LivePage is quite magical to me I'm not sure where
to look.

On a slightly different note, is there LivePage-ish support in nevow, and
do you recommend moving to that yet?


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