[Twisted-Python] Re: [Twisted-commits] Somehow the waker still messes up cfreactor, never installing waker for now

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Wed Nov 12 03:45:46 EST 2003

> While we're at it - warner, could we have the mac os x reactor also run
> tests with cfreactor?

My tests failed:

24:buildbot at quartz% python2.2 bin/trial -to -r cf twisted.test
  File "/Users/buildbot/Buildbot/slave/OSX-full2.2/Twisted/twisted/internet/cfreactor.py", line 42, in ?
    import cfsupport as cf
ImportError: Failure linking new module

It might be related to the following warning during the compilation phase:

 gcc -arch ppc -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress build/temp.darwin-6.8-Power Macintosh-2.2/cfsupport.o -o twisted/internet/cfsupport.so -framework CoreFoundation -framework CoreServices -framework Carbon
 ld: warning dynamic shared library: /usr/lib/libSystem.dylib not made a weak library in output with MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variable set to: 10.1

It doesn't hang, so I'm going to turn on the test anyway (it will just fail
all the time). I don't know a lot about OS-X linker magic.. somebody else
will have to figure out the problem here.


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