[Twisted-Python] rpm package for twisted?

Yun Mao maoy at cis.upenn.edu
Tue Nov 11 22:46:14 EST 2003

I tried to run rpmbuild -ba twist.spec on the NoDoc .bz2 file. The error 
messages were:

writing list of installed files to 'installed-files'
warning: install: modules installed to 
'/var/tmp/Twisted-buildroot/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/', which is 
not in Python's module search path (sys.path) -- you'll have to change the 
search path yourself
+ mkdir -p /var/tmp/Twisted-buildroot//usr/share/man/man1/
+ cp -a 'doc/man/*.1' /var/tmp/Twisted-buildroot//usr/share/man/man1/
cp: cannot stat `doc/man/*.1': No such file or directory
error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.59933 (%install)


On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Alexander Winston wrote:

> On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 16:57, Yun Mao wrote:
> > Hi, I found twisted package for debian in the official site. Is there a 
> > ready rpm package for twisted 1.1.0 release? thanks!
> They are not distributed as far as I know, but the .spec file
> (Twisted/admin/twisted.spec) should produce RPMs without trouble.

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