[Twisted-Python] A real Newbie question - how to get started

Graham Hansell graham at hansell.co.uk
Tue Nov 11 10:18:06 EST 2003

Dear All Twisters out there.

I am a complete Twisted newbie (with a little bit of Python experience) 
and having just installed this (what looks like) a great package, I 
would like advice on my next step.

I am looking to start doing simple (spider) based web clients but really 
would like a guide or tutorial before jsut spending hours pulling my 
hair out. Where do you advise me to go. I have had a look at the 
Tutorial on Finger but this seems like a major development in an area I 
don't even understand.

Is there any specific newbie guides being built or assembled  possibly 
by those on this list.

Thanks for your help with something that could just change my life (well 
a bit of it anyway).


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