[Twisted-Python] Form model examples

Martin Stoufer MCStoufer at lbl.gov
Thu Nov 6 15:56:41 EST 2003

 >>I am at this very moment doing a lot of freeform development, so now 
would be a good >>time to raise your use cases, your expectations about 
using a system which renders and >>validates web forms, etc.

I have been put in the unfortunate position of having to 'renovate' a 
lot of existing WebKit oriented CGI scripts. As you would surmise, they 
are a complete failure wrt OO design.

The main use case for me is to generate a form that in itself sets the 
constraints, and thus not requiring much input validation. All the 
scripts I have to deal with present varying views into a DB. Without 
delving into the schema makes it hard to convey what I need.

I guess all I was looking for with Woven was some OO based mechanism to 
build a form w/o all the wvfactory and wmfactory methods for each form 

I will take a look at Formless and see how far that gets me.

Thanks for your time!

> A good place to contact me is in #twisted on irc.openprojects.net. My 
> nick is fzZzy.
> dp

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