[Twisted-Python] Deferred problem

vicky lupien vlupien at drummonddesigns.com
Thu Nov 6 09:26:00 EST 2003

I know that I'd already post a message about deferred but I think I
haven't understand very well.
I have a function that is suppose to return a new dictionnary but it
returns a deferred.
class MainPage(pages.BasePage):
    templateFile = "main.html"
    def initialize(self, dbpool=None):
        self.dbpool = dbpool
    def setUp(self, request, *args):
        var = self.initPermissions(request)      #var is suppose to get
the new list
        print var
    def wmfactory_welcome(self, request):
        return "Bienvenue, %s" %
    def initPermissions(self, request):       #create and return the
results of a sql query
        group = request.getComponent(myguard.Authenticated).group
        listGroup = group.split(',')
        sql = "select permission from permissions where 1"
        for item in listGroup:
            sql += " or permissions.group='%s'" % item.lstrip()
        theDeferred = self.dbpool.runQueryDict(sql)
        return theDeferred.addCallback(self.makeDict)        # suppose
to call makeDict when the results has arrived
    def makeDict(self, results):
            # when I print what is in results, I can see all the data
from the sql query
        listPermissions = []
        for item in results:
        return listPermissions                   # return the new list
but the function setUp receive a deferred
I've put some comments in the code to help you understand what I want.
The big problem is that var receive a deferred and not the new list
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