[Twisted-Python] Woven example for article

Dr. David Mertz gnosis at gnosis.cx
Wed May 28 17:13:21 EDT 2003

Hi developers,

I am doing a series of articles on Twisted Matrix for IBM 
developerWorks (I imagine most of you know who I am; if not, you 
can check my stuff easily).  A first part, already submitted, 
looks at implementing custom protocols, and a bit of the 
low-level stuff in Twisted, which I understand moderately well 
now.  FWIW, I put a copy of the first part at:


I'm not sure exactly when it will get edited and published by dW.

The next article which I'm now working on wants to look at some 
of the web development features in Twisted.

By way of that, I tried the PicturePile example, from:


Discussed at:


I'm not sure exactly which Twisted version the example was 
written for, but I get errors trying to use it (my account at 
python-hosting.com seems to have 1.0.3 installed, and the 
administrator manages the installation).  The browser displays:


(this is a mirror of the actual page).  The server log is:


Any idea how to make this example work? 

Yours, David..

P.S. Further question to follow momentarily... 

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