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POYEN OP Olivier (DCL) Olivier.POYEN at clf-dexia.com
Tue May 27 05:54:45 EDT 2003

> The short answer to your question is to replace:
>    f.HTTPChannel=proxy.Proxy
> with:
>    f.protocol=proxy.Proxy

Can I stress that f.HTTPChannel comes from the docstring from the Proxy Class in the proxy.py file from Twisted. 
If this is the "official" way to do, maybe should someone change the docstring....


When doing so, I have some trouble with the "as-is" proxy. 
Some exceptions occured:

My current parameters are :
Twisted 1.0.5 for python 2.2
export http_proxy='http://localhost:8765' # for the proxy

And the current web server is running on localhost:8080

The issue is that, when doing a 'wget http://localhost:8080', in web.proxy.py, there is, at line 113
host,port= string.split
Thus, port became a string. 
And in internet.tcp.py, there is a test for isInstance(port,StringTypes), which matches.....

With a single port=int(port) before calling reactor.connectTcP in web.prxoy, ezverything works.

Am I dead wrong ? 

> Or, I've written a (yet another) web proxy that you might 
> want to try too.  Using my MinProxy ....
I'll gladly have a look !

Thanks !

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