[Twisted-Python] update for MANIFEST.in

Daniel Waites danielwaites at earthlink.net
Fri May 23 23:49:43 EDT 2003

apply the following patch to MANIFEST.in in CVS to get "setup.py 
bdist_rpm" working again.

< recursive-include twisted *.c
< recursive-include twisted *.mgp *.html *.fla *.js *.swf
< recursive-include twisted/test *.pem *.message

Note that RPM 4 (included in recent RedHat distros) will cause an 
assertion error at the end, because it builds a debuginfo rpm.  It still 
builds the rpms, though, under build/buildblahblah/rpm/RPMS .  This is a 
bug in Python 2.2 distutils.

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