[Twisted-Python] protocols.smtp patch

Anders Hammarquist iko at cd.chalmers.se
Thu May 22 10:15:15 EDT 2003

In a message of Fri, 16 May 2003 10:13:52 +1200, "matiu" writes:
>protocols.smtp client creates a temp file for every email it sends on my
>windows box. Apply this patch to stop that.

Hmm, should we really be closing files in the SMTPClient? I think it
should be enough that the SMTPClient drops any reference it has to
the file when it's done with it (which I see it doesn't do currently,
I'll add that to my patch and post it momentarily). The responsibility
for closing (or deleting or whatever) should be the responsibility of
whoever opened the file in the first place.


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