[Twisted-Python] Twisted and SQL-Ledger

Dave Peticolas dave at krondo.com
Mon May 19 19:03:38 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-05-19 at 14:24, Patrick K. O'Brien wrote:
> On a more serious note, do you use SQL-Ledger?  Done much with Woven?
> Can you help me figure out how to get Twisted Web to serve up the
> SQL-Ledger Perl scripts as a starting point for converting things?
> I'm trying to avoid having to install Apache.

I've only played with SQL-Ledger, and I don't know Woven, but I need
to learn it. I have done quite a bit with twisted.enterprise.

If I get some time, I'll give the rpy you posted a spin and see if I
can get it working.


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