[Twisted-Python] database access via cred and ssl encryption

Joe Brown joe at overdrivepc.com
Sat May 17 00:08:33 EDT 2003


Thanks for the patch.  This will likely be useful for me in the future, 
when I tackle the web aspect. 

At present I'm concerned with encrypting database communications via 
twisted.  My interest is writing a data entry application using wxPython 
and integrating database connunications via twisted for secure 


Clark C. Evans wrote:

>My requirement was to have a server authenticate via a client
>via a server certificate known by the client.   To implement
>this, I had to patch the internet/ssl.py file; and to make 
>the 'fetch' aspect easy, I had a small change to web/client.py
>As far as I know, these patches have not been applied; however,
>you may find them useful...

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