[Twisted-Python] a little OT: python workshop became a twisted workshop

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Wed May 14 04:01:40 EDT 2003

Hi *,

i just wanted to share with you something happened last saturnday,
during the webb.it (http://www.webb.it/) meeting. among other workshops
i did there were two titled "Python Basics" and "Advanced Python:
network protocols".

The second one ended up being a *twisted workshop*: after using a very
simple Protocol example to show twisted (my plan was to show various
network-oriented python modules: twisted, httplib, ftplib, etc.) people
started asking questions and i not ever mentioned the other modules (and
showed a pb example instead).

so, kudos to all you twisted developers. maybe next year we'll organize
a twisted booth, a series of workshops and a sprint as we did with
zope/plone this year.


Federico Di Gregorio
Debian GNU/Linux Developer                                fog at debian.org
INIT.D Developer                                           fog at initd.org
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