[Twisted-Python] some reconfiguration questions

Paul Boehm typo at soniq.net
Sun May 11 13:09:14 EDT 2003


what's currently the preferred way to reconfigure applications while they
are running, or how does one reconfigure taps ?

can manhole listen on a unix domain socket? i don't really like having
to have a listening network socket open for every twisted app i run.

is tapconvert the only way to reconfigure a tap?
what about writing a mktap style app, that just sets the changes given
at the commandline for an existing app, instead of creating a new one.

doesn't storing all data inside the application pickle make it harder to keep
changes inside the application configuration, seperate from the application data
(which hopefully is less likely to change all the time).

can i really depend on the application author to keep a styles.Versioned record
of all import class changes? what if i decide to upgrade while skipping a few
versions, and then my application tap, including all data, doesn't work anymore?


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