[Twisted-Python] Newbie to Twisted: Bug in http.py?

Itamar Shtull-Trauring itamar at itamarst.org
Thu May 8 12:39:04 EDT 2003

On Thu, 08 May 2003 14:48:44 +0800
Wari Wahab <wari at home.wari.org> wrote:

> I was playing around with twisted.web today (1.0.4), and tried to make
> a manual HTTP connection using telnet. Naturally I forgot to type in
> the "HOST: hostname" during the request, and got a nice traceback from
> it. Here are the details:

Thanks for the bug report, fixed in CVS.

> (don't you like how that sounds). I almost got it to work the way I
> want except that I cannot get the standard python cgi module to work
> (to get requests like ?foo=bar).

Look at how twisted/tap/web.py sets up a twisted.web.static.File web
resource to support CGI.

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