[Twisted-Python] How would I upload/download files through twisted.web

John D. Heintz jheintz at pobox.com
Mon May 5 14:29:30 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I tried searching the mailing list and google but ended up more
confused. Sorry if this is in the docs and I missed it, just redirect

Question: How do I write a simple twisted.web server to receive an
uploaded file, process it, and return a different file for

The last part does have some examples, but I include it hear for

My intuition tells me that this kind of thing is "trivial" in twisted,
but I'm having a hard time unraveling the knot. I started working on a
custom Resource but only got so far.

Can someone post a small python script (like web.py in examples) that
does this?

Thanks for the time,

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