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Moshe Zadka m at moshez.org
Mon May 5 08:28:04 EDT 2003

I suggest building modules with
python2.3 -Wall -Wignore::PendingDeprecationWarning:distutils.command.build_py -Wignore::PendingDeprecationWarning:distutils.command.build_ext setup.py build

(I'm very tame -- only ignoring PendingDeprecations of stuff that's been
marked as non-fixable for Python 2.3). When 2.3 is officially released, we
can add a line number (I don't want to do that before 2.3rc1 is out,
so we won't have to constantly jiggle the number)


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Subject: Re: [Python-Dev] Distutils using apply

> I was wondering if a milder form of deprecation may be appropriate for
> some features such as the apply builtin:
> 1. Add a notice in docstring 'not recommended for new code'
> 2. Move to 'obsolete' or 'backward compatibility' section in manual
> 3. Do NOT produce a warning (pychecker may still do that)
> 4. Do NOT plan removal of feature in a specific future release

The form of deprecation used for apply() is already very mild (you
don't get a warning unless you do -Wall).  I don't think Moshe's use
case is important enough to care; if Moshe cares, he can easily
construct a command line argument or warnings.filterwarning() call to
suppress the warnings he doesn't care about.

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