[Twisted-Python] Missing files from installation of woven part

Luc Stepniewski lstep at adequat.net
Sun May 4 17:59:21 EDT 2003

Luc Stepniewski wrote:
> When you do a python setup.py build/install, important files from 
> t.web.woven are missing. The LivePage related files FlashConduit.fla,
> FlashConduit.swf, FlashConduitGlue.html, WebConduit2_mozilla.js, 
> WebConduit2_msie.js and WebConduitGlue.html are not copied, so LivePage 
> does not work at all without them :'-(

Well, in fact, this doesn't solve exactly the problem, as twisted tries 
to create a .WebConduitGlue.pxp in 
/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/twisted/web/woven/ which is not 
supposed to be accessible for all users.

So maybe one should remove the merge of WOVEN_PATH with the filename in 
controller.py ?

return static.File(os.path.join(WOVEN_PATH, fl))

Or maybe someone has another solution?


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