[Twisted-Python] wanting more example progs for servers

David McNab david at rebirthing.co.nz
Tue Mar 25 08:41:07 EST 2003


I'm just getting acquainted with Twisted.

The examples provided are invaluable, at least the examples I can
presently understand.

But there's areas in Twisted that aren't covered by examples - eg
IRCChatter. My initial attempts to write a basic IRC server using this
protocol (based on simpleserver.py example) were unsuccessful.

If one is an independent developer, and can't afford to pay for
professional Twisted support, what's the best way to get across these
protocol classes?

Is it a matter of reading source code (in cases where the API docs are
incomplete)? Or asking for help on #twisted?

Are there any more example progs in addition to the ones which come with
the standard Twisted distribution?

What has proven to be the fastest way for people to come up to speed
with Twisted?

All help appreciated


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