[Twisted-Python] Twisted, Windows, and Py2Exe

screwtape at froup.com screwtape at froup.com
Mon Mar 24 19:54:03 EST 2003

On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 09:56:46PM +0000, Jeremy Noetzelman wrote:
> Has anyone used py2exe successfully with a twisted application?

Actually, I have, but I don't recall having to do any trickery to make
it run - once it compiled. it ran fine.

Now, using py2exe to build an Twisted-based NT service, that doesn't
work at all - at least, I couldn't get it to run. Such things tend to
end with a backtrace that looks like:

	File "twisted\internet\app.pyc", line 628, in run 
	File "twisted\internet\main.pyc", line 106, in run 
	File "twisted\internet\default.pyc", line 222, in run 
	File "twisted\internet\default.pyc", line 218, in startRunning 
	File "twisted\internet\default.pyc", line 204, in _handleSignals,  
		exceptions.ValueError, signal only works in main thread. 

..or at least, they did the last time I tried.

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