[Twisted-Python] Twisted https support?

Mark Brady mark at metaconcepts.com
Sun Mar 23 17:03:57 EST 2003

	I am new to twisted and having a problem getting https support working. I 
can get the twisted webserver up and running and everything including woven 
works fine however the https option for mktap web just displays the list of 
mktap web options as if I had just typed 'mktap web --help' when I actually 
typed 'mktap web --https=8081'. The port and logfile options work fine. I 
am using activestate python 2.2.2 with twisted 1.0.3 on windows 2000 sp3. I 
have a self signed server.pem in the directory (created using suns 
keytool). Am I using the https option incorrectly? Thank you for your help,

Mark Brady. 

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