[Twisted-Python] odd problem with daemonization?

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Tue Mar 18 18:08:06 EST 2003

I've got a pretty simple server using a factory and some protocol 
objects.  This code handles access to an extension module (the details 
of which are probably not useful, but it is written in C++, wrapped with 
SWIG) which implements the majority of our application logic.

The C++ code tends to dump a ton of output to stdout, and when I twistd 
like this:

   twistd -f myveryown.tap

and have a connected protocol instance, the log out put from the C++ 
code end up getting written directly to the socket and sent to the client.

When I run things like this:

   twistd -n -f myveryown.tap

Things are just fine and nothing goes wrong in that part of the code.

I do use twisted.python.log in the Python side of things. The protocol 
is a child of twisted.protocols.basic.Int32StringReceiver.

I haven't yet tried to come up with a more minimal test case, but will 
try later tonight if no one has any thoughts.

  - Bruce

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