[Twisted-Python] Thinking Twisted (was Re: Need a mother?)

Stephen R. Figgins fig at monitor.net
Tue Mar 18 16:03:53 EST 2003

On 3/18/03 11:29 AM, "Tommi Virtanen" <tv at twistedmatrix.com> wrote:

> (sorry)

I would rather you elaborate than apologize.  When you read my description
and saw words like "n-tier" and "B2B", were you skeptical that I might need
them?  That they may be more buzzword than useful?   Particularly when I use
terminology like "n-tier" or perhaps just my use of "B2B"?  Or were those
terms not clear enough?

Since I haven't received an answer to my questions yet, I worry that either
nobody knows or you are all feeling annoyed reading my barrage of ignorant
questions.  Maybe I just haven't asked clearly enough, so I will try once
more to be clearer in my request.

The solution needn't be buzzword compliant. I just want to know the twisted
approach.  Considering what I have described, would you write one server and
throw in all your basic components as modules to that server?  Would you use
Twisted's plug-in technology to add new features as you need them?     Would
you write components as servers/servants, and have them interact with each
other via PB in a more DO approach?  Would you write a front end server as a
façade for those components?    It looks like I could do any of the above
and much more with Twisted.  Is one way better than others?  What has worked
well for other large scale solutions?

In a couple of articles on Python and Twisted, Aaron Trauring has made the
point that multiple Twisted services (web, im, email, etc.)  can all run in
a single process.  Is the single process approach desirable over a multiple
component approach?  Or is that only desirable when your needs are small and
your application is unlikely to become CPU bound?

There is so much here I am having a hard time making sense of it all.  I
sure would appreciate some direction from someone who understands twisted
much better than I do.


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